Vellum Baby Card

Today`s workshop is how to make the vellum baby card – now i`m not saying this is the right way – but it`s a way I have found that works for me and just wanted to share it with you

This card uses the Wardrobe stamps – stamped onto parchment and embossed with white detail embossing powder

1. Take your Parchment and wipe over with an anti static bag – then stamp your image with versamark inkpad 


2. sprinkle the white embossing powder over the image and take your heatgun and emboss it – parchment embosses well if you heat from underneath


3. Now I always strengthen my parchment – whilst not always needed I like the finish it gives and the fact the silicone glue doesn`t show underneath when attaching it to your design

So take your stamped image and place double sided adhesive onto the back and then take another piece of parchment and attach them altogether


4. Trim around your stamp image


5. I always take my snips and curve the vellum to give a nice shape to the piece


6. And there you have your vellum babygrow – now make a whole selection of baby bits and assemble onto your card as in the main photo – matt and layer onto your base card


Thanks for sharing this small workshop – please take a look at the advise page and drop us a question – the more the merrier



6 thoughts on “Vellum Baby Card

  1. Oh this is such a very pretty card Suzanne….many thanks again fo sharing how to do it with us.

    love Sheila xx

  2. Thanks for explaining how you made your lovely card Suzanne. I have embossed on parchment/vellum in white too but think that’s an excellent tip to use the clear ds film to strengthen the stamped and embossed bit, thanks! 🙂

  3. I love your workshops – you have a knack of always making me want to get on and craft-
    your ideas are great and the techniques clear
    thank you so much

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