Baby Teddy Hanger

This hanger was made using the teddy bear stamps and also crystal laquers – mostly the pearl ones for the bears fur and odd bits of the clear ones for the clothes etc – the design was stamp on the reverse side of a piece of acetate and then once the bears had been coloured in a plain piece of white card was used to back it up before adding it to the hanger

The hook was then dressed with a ribbon

Thanks for looking in – will post next workshop on Saturday evening



9 thoughts on “Baby Teddy Hanger

  1. I love the hanger Suzanne, could I ask where you can buy the little wooden hangers to start with please as I would love to have a go and make something similar, such a lovely personal gift, Kali xx

  2. That’s gorgeous, I too would be interested in buying some of the wooden hangers to decorate for my granddaughters 🙂 Jenny M x

  3. Hi the hangers were just from a local childrens gift store a couple I think – this was 18 months ago – but will have a look next time in around the area and let you know

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