American Frontier Pouchette with a Difference

The American Frontier Pouchette

This idea uses images from the American Frontier cd and the workshop will show you how this is made

This design would be great whether for a child or adult – just fun images to use


1. First pick the 4 images you will be using – then print one of each off and then again in a mirror image so it can go on the reverse of the pouchette – also if you wanted like I have is print another one for decoupaging the design – this is optional just I look the depth – I use snaptool on the cd to copy the image into a plain word doc and print from there


2. Now how to make the pouchette – the original card was made from a pre made pouchette and it was trimmed underneath to allow for the design – but really it would have been just as easy being made up – so I am showing here how too – take the image and place it on your A4 card – mark the place where the image finishes and allow a 2cm border – do this on the side too and you will have your square shape needed – again leave your 2cm border


3. Trim your shape out and trim away the corner pieces – I have also curved them too so it will take the image better – I have left one corner uncut so you can see the difference


4. Once you have your square – score the pencil lines – and then rub them out afterwards


5. Take your image and tear down the image pulling forwards you so it shows the paper – the bottom edge needs to be straight


6. Take your reverse image and hold it back to back and tear roughly around the same shape – doesn`t matter if it slightly different as it will add to the effect


7. Take your ink pad I have used Brilliance coffee bean and ink around your torn edges – on both pieces the main and the reverse image on the front


8. Then do the same on the reverse white sides but make the ink spread down further


9. As when they are put together you will see this result as a double layer  


10. Attach Double sided tape across the 2cm tab and attach the front piece – do the same on the with the reverse piece – but this time put your Double sided tape across the tab and on the back of the image so it will hold the 2 pieces together


11. – I tend to use to bigger images for the opposite sides and then to not so deep images for the other 2 sides – that way when they all fold in they add a feature to the card

As shown below be careful not to have your torn edges to wide of the base card as it will make it to hard to close the pouchette up

As with the main photo`s the design can have decoupage on it – I did alternate images so it didn`t build up to much – finish the pouchette with the torn effect panel that is on the cd 


The concept can be used with different images – maybe lovely florals like the roses on Floral Fantasy

Hope you have enjoyed this workshop – please look in at the advise section – jsut added something new to the prize

Thanks for looking – more tomorrow



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