Make Your Own Vellum Ribbon

Well asked to do a sample with the Christine Coleman stamp – I used the long border stamp and thought it would look good as a ribbon – so used a real soft pink embossing powder & with the help of the Tall story board and images from the Victorian Angels & Fairies Cd  the sample was made


Today`s Workshop is how to make the ribbon

1. Take a piece of parchment / vellum – I wipe with a static bag and then using a versamark inkpad stamp the border once – then lining it up repeat again – this is just done by eye but as the stamps are cut closely then it`s easy to do – sprinkle pale pink embossing powder over the ink and set with a heatgun – on parchment it will emboss quickly so don`t hold to close or even better emboss from underneath


2. Once embossed cut out around the pattern with decoupage snips – do this on both edges


3. I then edge the ribbon with Sakura gold pentouch – the 2mm one just by gently running the pen all around the edge –


Now that is your ribbon complete and you can use it in your project – as it is vellum I have used silicone glue to secure it and then added the roses to cover the glue

Alternative uses for the stamp – just cut 8 lengths and edge in the same way as above – place a small hole in the top and bottom of the stripes and I have used the circle stamp to act as cover up for the ends and added a tassel and beads to the bottom – be careful not to overweight it as you will lose the shape – and added a double bow to the top

I hope you have found this mini workshop useful

Why not check out this NEW FEATURE  – it may be of use for you

Thanks for looking



11 thoughts on “Make Your Own Vellum Ribbon

  1. So clever and so pretty Suzanne…the ball decoration and the card are stunning! thank you so much for a lovely idea.

    love Sheila xx

  2. Wow! I just love that decoration! How clever is that!

    I’m really enjoying these workshops, it’s such a good way to pick up hints and also learn new tecniques, Thank you so much for sharing them,

    Jackie x

  3. Thanks Suzanne – I like this idea and it just so happens that I took delivery on friday of the filigree fusion stamps and there’s one that would be perfect for this……..better write it down before I forget it!!
    Ann x

  4. Another fab idea Suzanne, I love parchment and although I haven’t any of Christine’s stamps I am sure I will have some that I can try your technique on.
    Keep giving us the inspiration
    Christine x

  5. Would never have thought of this! I am really impressed. Have only just looked at this part of the forum, and am really enjoying it. Thank you Love Linda

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