August Monthly Advice Page – PLUS win a free card & Goodies too

August Monthly Advise Page is now CLOSED & the winner is  NO.13 – unlucky for some but not for

 Dorothy Jupp.

 Dorothy Jupp. said,August 20, 2008 

Hello Suzanne. I like your workshops. But would like to know how to make a shaker card. As i have seen diffrent ways of makeing them but i would like the easeist way. as have wrist problems. Thank You

So your prize will be heading your way once you have made contact – please drop us a message – no personal details on here and i`ll get your address from you – and over the next week you`ll see your question answered

I would really like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting this new page and please if your number wasn`t picked this time add it again to September Advise page

( so sorry for the delay in posting results  – Doctors appointments , health visit and allsorts yesterday and it went out of my head by the evening )

Solve a problem by a step by step workshop 

and win a card & goodies too in the process


Whilst I don`t  claim to know everything about crafts I like to think I can help people learn things I do know about – and if I don`t know then I enjoy finding out the answers

This got me thinking as people are enjoying my daily workshops – how about trying to answer some of peoples cardmaking problems in a step by step form

So If you have a problem with your cardmaking and you want a step by step workshop to show how to solve it then please leave the issue you want solving in my comments at the bottom of the item ( max. 2 questions per person – thank you )

At the end of the month 31-8-08  – I will get a number generated ( watched by another person ) and set about solving the problems as part of one of my daily workshops – this should apear within the next couple of weeks from picking the problem

If your number / problem is picked i`ll send you a card as a way of a thank you

 & a parcel containing card , papers , ribbon & some embellishments too

This is not as in the main photo !!!! – but will be a nice selection of goodies

 this months card will be the  Medallion Ornament Card

  (sorry  no alternatives) – once the number is picked than if you contact me with your details i`ll post the card off to you  – please no private details on here

If there is bad lanuage or rude messages left they will removed – also any general questions or comments too as this will effect the number count at the end –


and any messages left after the 31/8/08 will be invalid – but please enter them into the following months posting i`ll have started by then

We`ll see if this month`s takes off and if it does i`ll repeat it next month and until it stays popular

Please look in from time to time to see what the issues that are being talked about

Whilst I know this might be everyone`s cup of tea it might help someone find an answer and solution

Please also note this is not contacted to Joanna Sheen Forum – just done via myself as enjoyment

Thanks Suzanne

P.S. Yes Sheila that is great – ask anything whether small or large – thanks for having a go

Sorry can`t answer you reply on the comments so have done it here


18 thoughts on “August Monthly Advice Page – PLUS win a free card & Goodies too

  1. Hi Suzanne I would really love to know how to make a large card out of A4 card…bigger than A5 but not a DL card.
    Hope this is the sort of thing you mean.

    love Sheila xx

  2. Hi Suzanne
    When I first started stamping in the first flush of enthusiasm I bought some ink pads that have more than one colour in them (like rainbows). Any ideas on how to use them would be much appreciated.
    Love the workshops!
    Love Lynn xx

  3. Oh Suzanne, what a great idea! I would LOVE to see a work shop on that gorgeous Writing set, you did for Joanna, I would like to know how you ‘chose the sizes’ for the writing paper, I’ve tried two or three times and just couldn’t seem to get it right. It’s probably much easier than it looks too.

    Thanks putting this together for us,

    Jackie x

  4. Thanks Suzanne for some great ideas,and for being so kind as to help others too. I’d like to know how to make inserts to fit various size cards, and place the text/verse in the correct position.

    Thanks, Judith

  5. I also love your workshops, what I wondered was , on the inserts you get on the CD`s where there is a space for the wording, how could I type it and then position it properly on the insert, hope this makes sense.Suzanne….Annxx

  6. I loved the workshop on using tassels, but would sometimes like them a different size (or particular colour or fibre), so a workshop on how to make them -particularly how to finish them off at the top – would be very useful please! Janet

  7. Really enjoying the work shops Suzanne. What I have trouble with is, colouring in on Acetate. It always seems to leave very small gaps of colour when dry. Also what can you use to colour Acetate.

  8. Hi Suzanne, another problem I have is water colouring a stamped image, it always looks like a five year old has done the colouring. Help please!

  9. With Christmas looming I was wondering what to use which is seasonal in the lines of a floral display. Not all cards call for ponsiettas [sp?] but how do you make holly, ivy leaves look as impressive as the floral displays which Joanna is renown for 🙂 I just feel my Christmas cards are missing that final touch, and am fed up of just placing bows in corners he he Jenny M xx

  10. Hi Suzanne

    I love the cards you do that have the embroidery hoop and silks on them, can you tell me please where you get the “product” from to print on dont know what it would be called and does it need any special requirements printer wise. Thanks again for a lovely blog and your help and advice.

  11. Hi Suzanne, what a lovely idea, we are always looking for tips on how to make our cards look professional. One of the things I would like to be able to do is to make a double bow. Hope you can help

    lv pam

  12. Hi Suzanne, I love your blog in general and think that this section is a really good idea. A workshop on exploding boxes would be good, I always have problems getting the measurements right when trying to make them from scratch.

    Kate x

  13. Hello Suzanne. I like your workshops. But would like to know how to make a shaker card. As i have seen diffrent ways of makeing them but i would like the easeist way. as have wrist problems. Thank You

  14. Suzanne, I have seen you use Stampbord with an image stuck on but I would like some more help on stamping on Stampbord including using the scraping tool. Many thanks. Kym

  15. I have loved and been inspired by your workshops!
    My biggest problem is measuring and cutting for matting and layering I never get the proportions right nor the angles- I shall watch out for your ideas on thisthorn in my side!!

    Thank you so much Ann

  16. Hi Suzanne, I love your workshops. I always have trouble cutting out stamped images especially if they have been embossed. I find I crack the embossing if I try to cut too close, but then it never looks neat if I leave an edge around the image. Please any help or tips would be much apprieciated. Thanks Sue

  17. Hi Suzanne, I have a question that will take you back a bit. I am doing your Diamond Wedding card only in gold for my husband for our 50th. Could you please tell me how big the card was when you finished. Also, do you remember how long the tab for water fall was? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Hi there – this card was done some 3 years ago and I don`t have it any longer – i do know it was make from a piece of folded A3 card and then trimmed to size down the right hand side of the opening – I more often than not work with the main feature and build the card around it so in this case the base card wasn`t a standard size – again the pulley was used from a length off cut either from the A3 card or from an A4 sheet of card – the diamond shape gives the length required and i`m sure they were a standard 2cm width trimmed to the diamond shape

      I`m sorry I don`t have more information than that – I hope it helps a little – have fun making your card
      Suzanne x

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