Acrylic Mini Brag Book

Well I wanted to do a workshop on Acrylic pieces and was trying to be clever and copy on over from the Gallery – but that didn`t work – so had a good look at all the acrylic piece cards and this one caught my eye – by Jayne Nestorenko – funny after all that work managed to work out how to add the photo – grrr

Still – I loved this idea and thought i`d do a workshop around this idea

  - Click to enlarge by Jayne Nestorenko

Acrylic Mini Brag Book Workshop

First peel off the backing from the acrylic piece – I then always dust with a static bag both sides – you`ll need to pieces for this book

1. Stamp you image with Stazon onto your acrylic pieces – on the same side you stamped colour in your image – I have used Sakura Glaze pens for this project – try shading with a darker colour in the centre of the flowers for added depth


2. Once your 2 pieces are coloured and dry add a line of Sakura Gold Pentouch around the edges


3. on the colour side use versamark all over the design and then I have used a translucent sparkle on the piece then heat set


4. and then repeated the process and used palm green – this was by mistake as the first layer wasn`t dark enough so added the green and it gave a great result


5. Now I have used a piece of the Stardream card – Serpentine to cover the piece – I used the thin 3mm strong double sided tape


6. This again just gives added depth to the colour


7. Now take a piece of the same stardream card and fold in half and both sides in half again – so A4 score line then either side the gatefold score lines – take your acrylic piece and lay on top and mark where to trim off the excess card – this can be used for another book or even stick it together and make and longer inside for this book


8. On the back of the book using DS/Tape place a piece of organza ribbon it doesn`t matter the tape will show through – this will be covered


9. now add the decorated acrylic piece using DS/Tape – also place the other acrylic piece on the front cover

10. And tie your bow


11. Here you have you mini brag book – you can fill with photo`s are whatever you wish

– inspired by the Jayne`s sample


Other ways to use the pieces are to embellish a card like the one taken from the gallery

These Acrylic pieces can be used with embossing poders or glitters or just left translauent – but they are great fun and come in lots of different shapes

  - Click to enlarge

I hope you have enjoyed this workshop more tomorrow 







11 thoughts on “Acrylic Mini Brag Book

  1. Lovely Suzanne. I have made these but not using the acrylic front and back. Another one to try. Many thanks Chrissie x

  2. I often do brag books in different guises Suzanne bur have never used Acrylic pieces – they look very effective and if you were making one for a gift would make it extra special. tfs.
    Ann x

  3. Definately an extra special gift. My boys god mother has just go to the Falkland Islands for a 4 month tour so this would be an ideal gift to send her.



  4. Thank you so much for all your inspiration Suzanne…I’ve never made a brag book but yours could easily inspire me!!

    love Sheila xx

  5. Hi, You have saved me asking questions on forum today as I have acrylic pieces and didn’t know how to use them, so second day running you have saved me lots of trouble – yesterday was an exploding box (my first) – so
    Thanks very much Susanne – keep up the workshops learning so so much

  6. Thanks eevryone and Ruth glad it has helped – check the new section at the bottom of the post – I might be able to answer a problem for you – new feature
    Take care

  7. Now I know what to do with my acrylic pieces I’ve no excuse not to use them. Thank you Suzanne.

    Carol x

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