Medallion Ornament Card

Well today little extra is a Crystal Medallion Stamp card

I found this Medallion stamp I had forgotten I even had so thought I would have a play as I hadn`t even used it – I was put of thinking it would take me forever to make something – when in fact it was so quick

*** WINNER – SCOTTSMUM – well done **** 

1. First select your card – I have done tones with silver and kunzite stardream card & also so pearl shimmer vellum for a different texture- I always wipe my card or vellum with a static bag – using versamark stamp onto your card – I have done 2 on the kunzite and once on the silver and once on the vellum – it`s a large stamp so make sure you press firm all over


2. Spinkle your powder over – I have used Silver lightening and heat with your heatgun – repeat on the other card and vellum


3. Then your selection will look like this


4. Cut out all of the shapes – cutting the next size down each time – till you get to the middle – just think which colours you want where


5. Using a quickie glue pen fill in the outer section of the second medallion & I have used Mystical Mauve Glitter – I tried the wet glue but find this glue pen to be finer – also do it in 3 sections so the glue doesn`t dry out to much


6. Take an A4 sheet of card and fold in half , matt and layer a piece of backing paper using foam tape – these Helibors are from the Cardmakers cd – in Decembers section onto silver mirri & then matt and layer a smaller sheet made of tapestry cardon mirri too


7. Now to assemble all your prepared layers – I have used the foam tape cut into squares- work your way up and complete the card with a few decoupaged flowers , a bow and a little flower to finish it off


Hope you have enjoyed today’s extra workshop – more tomorrow

Please check out my new Monthly feature – it might be of use to you ???



11 thoughts on “Medallion Ornament Card

  1. Good heavens Suzanne where do you get such beautiful ideas from! Your medallion card is so stunning! I’m so enjoying this!

    Sheila xx

  2. Andy most of these photo`s of the main card are sample done a while back – so just had to do the workshop photo`s – some are quicker than others – I also have a hubby who works in the office from 7 til 10 so I craft them and bits during the day

  3. Suzanne, your cards are absolutely stunning and I am really enjoying your workshops. I am getting so much inspiration to try something new. Many thanks

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