H20`s Meets Triple Embossing

This card was made for the Oriental show using one of the stamps and h20`s and the stampbord tiles were finished off with clear extra thick embossing powder & Sakura gold pentouch and if you spare it 2 tassels

 Today`s workshop is using h20`s on stampbord and then triple embossing the tile

1. Prepare your h20`s by spritzing with water and leaving them for 15 minutes – although as it is only a light wash you can get away with sooner


2. Taking a brush – an empty koi brush is good for this and wash over the stampbord with the h20 colours starting with dark and shading the colours – I tend to leave the gold till last


3. Whilst still wet I take a dry tissue and scrunch it over the h2o`2 to give a speckled look and leave to dry which is only 10 mins at the most


4. With black stazonstamp you design randomly – best to  start near the middle and work outwards – making sure you go off the stampbord to give a natural effect


5. Apply a nice thick line of Sakura pen touch – this was done with the 2mm pen


6. Stamp versamark all over the top of the stamboard coloured image


7. Using a tray to catch the excess sprinkle the thick embossing powder over the versamark


8. Heat with a heatgun – if you need to hold the piece use a metal tool as wood can burn

Now for the repeating this last bit twice more – once you have heated it the first time quickly place it back into the embossing powder to apply the second layer – be careful as the piece will be hot like sticky jam – now I have to be honest I can never get mine hot enough and for it to stick the second time so I let it cool and repeat the process with the versamark and powder – they say in crafting there are no set rules and this may not be the right one but it works for me


 Now you have your tile and once you have repeated the first part onto card as a backing sheet you are ready to assemble your card – I tend to because the stampbord is heavy mount it using silicone glue

9 . I have spared 2 tassels to place under the sentiment – (done on word ) just to add dimension


Thanks for looking and hope you are enjoying your daily fix

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10 thoughts on “H20`s Meets Triple Embossing

  1. i have tried this with just ordianary clear embossing …restults area bit sketchy
    i must get thick embossing powder to get results like yours suzanne thats were ive been going wrong thank you
    love lindaxx

  2. Thanks Suzanne,

    I reink with the versamark between layers aswell as mine never sticks a second time


  3. Thanks Suzanne, I thought there must be MORE I could do with my H20’s
    A super tutorial, looking forward to many more

  4. Sue, do I have to use mount board or can I get away with a really good gm card stock. If I must can you tell me where I can get it please.
    Thank you for all your workshops. They are really useful for a newbie like me.

  5. Carole – I used Stampbord on this one – it gives great Dimension – but you can use mount board or if you have 300gsm card I normally cut 2 or 3 bits the same size and glue together with pva – edge with glod pen – but you do have to be careful not to over heat it as it would weaken the glue
    Hope this helps a little

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