Easy way to apply double sided tape

Well I have decided to add a workshop daily – whether it big or small and after the hassle of last nights – which got posted this morning I thought I would do a little one – It`s may not be for everyone as it is a basic technique – but still an important part of crafting

On Joanna Sheen`s forum it is often talked about how to get your image straight and a few replies come back of using the method I first learnt seeing Wendy Stenton – it`s always hard to tell someone in words how to do this if they haven`t seen it in person or on TV – so I thought i`d show you how

1. Place tape all around the image you need to secure down


2. Remove back from the corner a little of the tape and fold back – this will give you 4 tabs when done on all the corners


3. Place the topper onto your required card base – it might be slightly out as below – but because you haven`t secured it fully down you can lift the image and straighten


4. So now you have your straight image below


5. Remove the tabs on all for sides to secure the image down


6. This Technique works well with items like the decoupage sheets – the frames especially  – because when you are placing them onto your work they can easily move giving you an uneven frame as they are not solid – here speaks the voice of someone that has done that before !!! 

 complete the above process on the frame


7. Then matt you image in the centre – I have trimmed the image slightly so it shows some of the gold through and raised the base image on foam pads


I hope this has helped a few people and a more challenging workshop tomorrow

Thanks for looking



14 thoughts on “Easy way to apply double sided tape

  1. Thank you for this tip Suzanne. It will be a big help to lots of Sheenies. I have tried it and it is brilliant
    I love your idea of a workshop
    XX Chris

  2. Many thanks Suzanne…I’ve often seen Wendy do but it seems to happen so quickly…so it’s good to be able to refer back to your tutorial….a great help!!

    Sheila xx
    PS You really are getting adicted to this blogging thingy aren’t you?…but don’t stop because I love calling by to see what you’ve been up to!!!!

  3. Love visiting your blog Suzanne. Such an inspiration and lovely tutorials. It’s becoming my daily fix. Thanks for sharing.
    Chrissie (chrissiefish)

  4. Well done Suzanne, this is the type of blogging bug we all like lol! be it adictive, obsessive what ever at least other benefit from this virus lol!

  5. Thanks for the kind words – they inspire to do more – and get my brain ticking – lots planned so watch out !!!

  6. Thank you suzanne, Thats realy helpful to someone like me , who always gets it crooked .Great tutorials.
    love june xxx

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