Exploding box part 2

Well here it is – part 2 , as I had a photo of the Wedding Family tree in an exploding box last night – I though I would show you how to do the inside the frames on the ribbon – forgive it`s not a lesson in the rectangle box – don`t ask but I needed special measurements for the frame so played around and laid the frame in the centre of an A3 sheet of card – leaving a bit spare around the frame and then measured the depth I wanted – this box just has 2 layers – there are templates for rectangle boxes on Joanna Sheen`s Website

and on the top layer it has a plague saying about how this can be handed down the family – just makes a special Wedding gift

1. Here is part of the Original Wedding Family Tree hanger – It`s hard to photo all of but it shows you partly what it is about – looking at the above photo you`ll see the top part of the hanger which just hangs on a hook on the wall


2. First stamp with Stazon Brown – you need 2 for every photo you plan to add to the hanger


3. Cut the frames out including the middle



4. I have used 3D gloss to enhance the corners and middle edges – here it is shown yet to clear but it will when dry



5. select the photo`s you wish to use – most of the photo`s I have used were for this project just from the Internet from google not personal ones – but the idea is to add your own

If you do make one with found images – remember that back in the days 1890 etc that Wedding Dresses were Black  – the mordern photo is not me either !!! – just thought they looked a happy couple

Using word print small messages with name , date and maiden name on – these will be used for the reserve of the frame



6 insert using Double sided taped the photo to one and the name plate to the other – on the name one I have added a small spray of flowers with a bow – to embellish the frames



7. Take your ribbon and make a loop – large one and tape to the back of the first frame – I have started with the oldest photo first so when you get to the modern wedding you can carry on handing it down and adding more 


8. next add all your frames and names to the ribbon – I have reversed on so you can see the back and front but you would keep all the photo`s on one side – when you get to the bottom – leave unused ribbon tied with a bow – so people can add further frames when needed – tip add more spare frames to the box as the stamps would be hard to find in years to come

Finish the top of the ribbon where the loop is with a bow and ideally the Remember saying which is found on the Crafty Secrets section – I hadn`t got anymore of the stickers so used a different one for the workshop – but do think the remember one stands out more



9. Decorate a rectangle exploding box to house your wedding hanger – place the hanger in the box folding at each frame as you go

I will try and do a rectangle box in the future so a workshop



10 thoughts on “Exploding box part 2

  1. Fabulous Suzanne – and so many possible uses. New baby, christening, 18th 21st, silver/golden/diamond wedding anniversary honeymoon or other special holiday pictures…..to name but a few!
    Ann x

  2. Oh Suzanne! That Wedding Family Tree project is beautiful! What a clever and unusual idea, it would make a truly wonderful keepsake. Thank you so much for sharing this project,

    Jackie x

  3. What a beautiful card 🙂 I made a card last November with the same concept for my little granddaughter with lots of fairies, pink and shinies on it [4 yrs old :)] she still plays with it and I am so glad I used good glue to stick it all together he he. The idea is also lovely for a Christmas card which can be hung from the mantelpiece 🙂 Thank you so much Suzanne for these demos, you are a gem 🙂

    Jenny M

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