Exploding box made easy – Workshop

After seeing a message on the forum saying about an exploding box – being one that explodes when opened – I thought about something I had been taught at the C&C craft weekend and wanted to share

Full details of how to make an exploding box – but I have added a workshop on all the measuring or drawing lines to get your base – this bit I always find boring and hope this workshop can make a box quicker for you – so follow all the measurements and just replace the this part when you measure at the beginning

Part 1 – another project tomorrow  click here

The end result


Well I didn`t know or it had never been pointed out to me that the reason for the true explosion is the weight – makes sense but as I always add decoupage to my boxes it has never not happened to me – but if you are not adding much to each side then this might make the box not explode as much

I also hate all the measuring out and drawing lines so have come up with an easier way to make your box

1. Use the instructions – an exploding box for the measurements for all 3 layers -for the largest layer 27cm x 27cm with 3 sections of 9cms – measure 9cm`s in from one corner – then 9cm`s up on the other corner and 9cm`s into the card so you can make a perfect square – using a pencil mark out this square


2. Cut the square you have marked out


3. Now draw around the square you have just cut out on all the other corners – you must be precise with you measuring as it needs to be straight for a neat finish


4. Cut out all other marked corners – so you have you exploding bottom base – repeat this with the other 2 layers making sure you decrease in your square size as you go


5. Score at your cut edges of the boxes – I do this on the top side


6. And fold down to make for extra spring to your box


7. Take your 9cm square and trim 6mm off the right hand side and then again off the top side – so you are left with a template for your backing papers – I have shown the cut piece in gold mirri ( don`t worry it was an off cut !!! ) – now use the template to draw round your backing papers – I would do this on the reverse so pencil lines aren`t shown


Corner punches can be used to add to the effect of the boxes

Once you have done all three layers – continue to decorate your box 

Should you wish not to make your own there are templates available for you too

 I would keep your 2 templates you have made so next time you make a box you

don`t have to don`t any measuring

Below is another exploding box with a small box in the centre to add a chocolate or gift

Tomorrow I will continue this workshop and tell you how I made the Wedding keepsake

Hope you enjoyed today’s offerings



25 thoughts on “Exploding box made easy – Workshop

  1. wow what a good way to do the box, ive always been put off making an exploding box because of all the measuring but i will definatly try this

    chris x

  2. Suzanne the boxes you have made are beautiful and thank you so much for the tutorial I am going to have a go. I have always been put off because I have never known how to get the measurements right but thanks to you I now I can do it.

    Lorraine x (wintermelody/coldwaters)

  3. Suzanne your boxes are stunning and thankyou so much for the tutorial, you have made the instructions really clear and easy to follow, even I should be able to manage that so I am finally going to have a go, and have made this my “project” for this week. I love visiting your blog too, love Kali x

  4. Great workshop Suzanne – it was your original one I used to make my very first – and most subsequent ones! I’ll tune in again tomorrow for the next episode….
    Ann x

  5. Thanks so much,Suzanne,i’ve been meaning to make one for ages and as I’m on leave next week will have a go.Lookin forward to episode 2

  6. Thats FABBY Suzanne! I love your “Workshops” 🙂

    (Lovely to see you yesterday at Wroxham by the way,I hope you had a lovely time at Bewilderwood)


  7. Thanks for the kind comments
    Andy it was great to see you all – I was going to write but thought you would be wacked – Bewilderwood was amazing – Erin loved it
    Take care

  8. Just love the shortcuts, Suzanne, will make making these boxes much more enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing how you made your wedding keepsake.

  9. Sorry Suzanne – I posted a reply yesterday after I’d been working on our other blog and didn’t realise that when I posted here it would automatically use the other blog address!! So my comment is under simplehealing!
    Ann x

  10. Suzanne great tutorial on exploding boxes
    I love decorating up but hate measuring etc
    but you have made this a lot easier.
    Thank you for sharing

  11. Hi Suzanne

    I am very new to this site and want to thank you for the inspiration both you and Joanna have given me. I have one query with this exploding box – how do you make the lid! Sorry you can tell I am a novice.

    Many thanks.


  12. Hi Nicky
    There is a link at the top of the workshop that says with full instructions for
    ` an exploding box` – click on that and it will show the measures in step 1and 2 and then how to glue it in step 13

    Hope that helps – if you are trying different sizes the lid just needs to be 2mm wider than the size squares you are using – but if you are new to this all I would try as per instructions first

  13. The instructions for the box are great. I also make them mostly as commisions though but someone asked me the other day how do make them so i directed them to your site. The one thing i do when decorating the inside of the outer layer is i put a message on to one of the flaps and then this counts as my greeting and i’ve decorated the layer at the same time. Does this make sense?

    You have a fab site and your tutorials are brilliant. Soniax

  14. Fantastic, Beautiful and what a wonderful job. The boxes are beautiful and very well put together. Nice lessons on how to make the box also very easy to read and understand. The video was fun to watch also as well as very well put together. Thanks for sharing I will be back to your site more often you have some very unique ideas and are gifted with such a wonderful talent.

    God Bless

  15. Not your typical comment, but you need a apostrophe in “Suzanne’s” and don’t need one in “crafts.” A helpful book with this sort of thing is “Eats, Shoots and Leaves.” It does bother people like me to see punctuation errors.

    • Apologies for my error, I have to say I haven`t used this site for a few years now, so it didn`t even register with me that there was an error in the title. Thanks for pointing it out. I have amended it so I hope it doesn`t bother you anymore. Punctuation and even English is not my strong point, I think I paid more attention in the craft / cooking classes !!!
      Kind Regards

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