Decoupage & Velvet Ribbon

Tonight I have be inspired by a demo I saw Joanna do in Wisbech earlier on this year & a bargain of velvet ribbon which by the time I publish this will probably be Out of Stock – but thought I would do a workshop on it as many would have brought the product from Joanna`s grab a bag promotion

But also whilst making this card I thought I would add a piece about what I think when starting a card – this might be basic stuff , but if you find one tip you can use or store i`ll be happy

Watching Joanna Sheen`s rubber stamping show way back I was inspired by Joanna cutting with decoupage snipsan image and raising it up – the dimension it gave was wonderful – from that day onwards it has changed the way I craft – so thank you Joanna

***WINNER – JANET – 2pDesigns **** – WELL DONE

How to make this simple but effective card

1. For this project you would need – Tapestry card for the base card , silver silk mirri card , the image in this case from Floral Fantasy`s , 16mm velvet , decoupage snips, buckle & double sided tape and foam tape – whoops not forgetting the flowers too


2. The way I chose how I tackle a card is – has it got the right colours and also can it be decoupaged – I know it`s not everyone`s cup of tea but I love it – so below you have a lovely image although I would like it to stand out more – so take your image – mount it onto silk mirri


3. print off two more images and cut them out where it promotes the design best – then rather than just adding it stacked up – I curl the edges with my closed decoupage snips – giving the piece extra depth


4. I have taken this layer very close up so it is a bit crude on the decoupage but when shown from above it matches well – apply your foam pads or in my case I always use silicone glue as I can get it higher in places


5. Then take your wide velvet ribbon and place through the buckle , leaving the buckle closer to one side


6. Turn the ribbon over and apply Double sided tape to the 2 sections


7. Place it on your mirri mounted image by removing the DST – if you did this with Organza ribbon you would just place the tape on the back on the image so it can`t be seen – once the ribbon is secure place double sided foam tape in the corners and middle


8. Mount onto your base card and finish with a couple of flowers in the top corner


Well that was a trial and a half kept losing Internet connection whilst downloading the photo`s – still we are done now – not you enjoyed this little take on my world



18 thoughts on “Decoupage & Velvet Ribbon

  1. Have only now found your blog, Suzanne. I’ve always admired your cards shown on Joanna’s shows and her gallery and really appreciate now you taking the time to provide step-by-step guidance for us. This is a beautiful card. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  2. Suzanne, beautiful card. I am really enjoying your blog and look forward to the next edition. Got my ribbon ordered.

    Pam x

  3. As Edna said I also have to have my daily fix of your blog Suzanne! This is another beautiful card and I’m so enjoying the tutorials and looking forward to many more. Well done Suzanne.

    Sheila xx

  4. Thanks for these kind comments – it`s comments like these that inspire to do more of them – another planned for later – exploding boxes hopefully

    Take care

  5. Hi Janet – yes you have and you are the first one – so well done
    Please drop us a line – maybe by YUKU with your address and i`ll post them out to you
    Thanks for playing along – enjoy them

  6. Thank you very much – the postman has just brought my flora doodles – I love the colours, it will be hard to give them away on cards! – I may not even let mum share. Thank you also for the lovely card.


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