Wedding Card

 So how to make this using only A4 card

1. Take a piece of card and cut it at 8cm – score at every 2cm`s – so you have 3 score lines – I then trim a couple of mm`s off the top so that this piece doesn`t show on the finished card

Fold the score lines valley mountain valley and then using double sided tape – tape the inside of the middle section – so the mountain part – this will leave you with an inverted T

Using Doble sided tape again on both the underneath tabs that are left and place onto the score line of your A4 base card


2. Take your piece of card for the inside flap score in half and using DST run it around the top and base and on the inside to outside edges – I then peel back 2cm`s of the tape so you can place the inside onto the tab and then pull when in the right position

If you want to take it one step further like I have in the main photo and have an aperture – cut this out first on both sides – I have then added vellum and finished with the border both sides from the decoupage sheet

3. I then take 2 A5 sheets of card – tapestry – but shown in red so you can see – trim off 2mm`s down the top and side of the card and place on the 2 insides

So there we have a different way of adding and inside to a card – it`s easier to do than explain – but hopefully the photo`s will do the talking



12 thoughts on “Wedding Card

  1. Lovely card Suzanne,

    I am going to try a version today – possibly an A5 version as I am not quite as generous as you are when I use my tapstry card.


  2. Hi, This is my first time in this site. It’s just gorgeous. My computer is old and taking ages to load pictures but worth waiting for. Am I allowed to ask where you buy all those beautiful patterned shimmer papers, they add such a lovely finish to the cards. They look a million dollars.
    Thank you for the wonderful workshops and for sharing your talent with us.
    Christina. (incidentally have no idea what URI stands for!!!!!

  3. Hi Christina
    Well sorry about the loading – I have now made the workshop links so you can click on them to the left on the top of my blog and that should get you more direct to this page and the pictures quicker ???

    If you click on tapestry card within this post it takes you to the shimmer card as you call it – although the pink and blue aren`t avavilable at the moment but you can colour the white if you ever need a different colour – there is a workshop for that as well
    Not sure where you have seen URI so can`t help with that – if it`s computer speek then it might be a path need to link something ??
    Take care and thanks for the lovely comments

  4. Hi Suzanne,

    I’m new to this forum although have looked on it briefly before! I found your tutorials last night cos I was looking for how to use my fantasy film to make butterfly’s for a wedding card and found this one, its gorgeous and I would like to make it but not sure I understand the instructions, I’m not very good at instructions, so 2 questtions… 1. do you have any tuts on fantasy film or would it be the same as the fibre one? 2. not sure about the cutting of the 8cm in the first bit,

    would appreciate any help please
    Many thanks

  5. Hi Sandi – I don`t have a film on on it`s own as I don`t have any film – but you`re right the fibres are the same as is the workshop
    The 8cm`s about the above is about the tab setion to house the pages for the card – the photo`s should show that folded effect of the piece
    Hope you find what you need – you can type in the serch part on the main part to find any post you need
    Take care

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