A Perfume Bottle Workshop

This Exploding box was done when the stunning Joanna Sheen perfume stamps were launched – they are designed by Andy Carolon but I have always wanted to share how the bottle was made – I first made the Exploding Box and wanted a centre piece and couldn`t find a perfume bottle so though i`ll make one – that`s how the idea started

 In wanting to share so  last night I made another bottle – took some photo`s as I went along so you could see how it was acheived 

The photo below has the middle turned so you can see both layers – this is just for demo reasons not then finished look


Here`s how to make the 3D perfume bottle :

1. stamp 3 of the triangle shaped perfume bottles onto parchment – here using Patina Gold embossing powder – then I always strenghten it using Double sided adheshive film and peeling the film off and laying onto another sheet of vellum – this can be done without but it just gives a sturdy feel to the bottle


2. Place the 3 cut out perfume bottles at an angle – I then mark with a pen the bits of the double sided film I didn`t want cut out – so they can be removed beforehand- the point of mounting the bottles is to join them at the sides and as long as at least an inch each edge is left then other bits can be removed , mount the bottles onto the double sided film and then remove the backing and place onto some more vellum


3. Trim away the excess following the outline of the bottles making sure you leave at least an inch at the base of all 3 bottles – so they all stay attached


4. The bottle can then be folded together making the start of the 3D bottle


5. Place Double Sided Tape inside across the 2 open edges towards the bottom – lay yours flat – I have just ruffled mine so you can see it more clearly


6. Stamp another perfume bottle on vellum – this only needs to be a section as it`s for the small triangle for the tassel to be attached and to make a lid – cut a small triangle once you have embossed your vellum



7. fold each side of the triangle and crease , then snip the excess from the corners – I then have made a hole with a needle in the centre


8. Take a tassel – I find fine ones work best for this – make sure you have a long enough end to tread the beads , if you have a hoop on the tassel , just snip one end close to tassel end – thread onto a large eye needle and thread on some beads – this is optional but helps dress the bottle – these beads I found on e-bay – then thread on your embossed prepared triangle – making sure you thread it from the outside ( right side ) inwards


9. Secure with a knot on the inside once this is done – place Double Sided Tape on all 3 edges off the outside of the triangle and attach the lid to the 3 insides of the bottles

The bottle will be secure at the bottom and the top now leaving the shaped to part of the bottle un taped – this allows the bottle to form the original shape of the bottle and it is secured using some 7mm organza ribbon – and here you have your finished bottle


10. Optional-  attach a base if you need the bottle attched to something and not free standing – cut a piece of vellum and then mount it onto double sided film and shape it to mould the base of the bottle – I would fold over the edges to form tabs and these can be attached to the inside of the bottle and then the main sticky base can be attached to your project


The finish bottle works well for Exploding boxes – or why not just make a box and add it in that

I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to make your stamps more 3D and think outside of the box something – my main reason at the time was I didn`t have the money to buy a real bottle so thought I know i`ll make my own

Thanks for looking – please ask if anything isn`t clear as I could only add so many photo`s



18 thoughts on “A Perfume Bottle Workshop

  1. Suzanne, that is such a fantastic idea, your instructions and pictures are so easy to follow. Thank you for sharing
    Kate x

  2. Suzanne your blog is so impressive and you have taken to this like a ‘duck to water’!! This little perfume bottle is gorgeous and your Tutorial with pics is fabulous – you go girl!!

  3. Fabulous work Suzanne. Your tutorial is very clear and easy to follow, thank you for taking the time to do it, and for sharing it with us.

  4. Thanks all for your more than kind comments
    and thanks Andy for designing such great stamps – I love them

  5. That is really stunning, you are very talented and also very patient.
    Thanks for sharing that with us
    Shall have to sit on my hands to stop myself ordering those stamps!!

  6. What a brilliant idea, the tutorial is so clear and the end result wonderful. You are a very talented lady, thank you so much for sharing the tut with us 🙂
    Jenny M

  7. What a beautiful piece of art Suzanne! A very novel twist on the exploding box theme – it is so nice to see something so unique and so well explained.

  8. Wow – thanks again for all the wonderful comments – i`m so pleased I did it now as I wasn`t going to post this
    I`ll try to post some more soon when I have some work completed as I have a busy few weeks

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