Glenda`s CHRISTMAS !!! competition

Round 2 of the competition !!!!

Silly new for being to eager and just reading use any stamp – thought wow I can do Peacocks etc . and use all my new bits – set up the new blog – posted it all and re read the rules for it to say Christmas theme – I can`t say the words that came out of my mouth , not very lady like !!!! –  so I have done the same style as it should have been but with a Christmas theme this time !!!




16 thoughts on “Glenda`s CHRISTMAS !!! competition

  1. Thanks Wendy – I still kicking myself not reading it properly
    Still – I have 2 cards to show for it

  2. I love your card – the poinsettia pop outs are inspirational – I bought Glenda’s Three Kings Paisley plate and shall use it like your card — make the Kings pop out of the centre of the card – thanks for the brilliant idea

    Ed xx

  3. Thanks for your kind comments Ed – shout if you need any advice on it – my best tip is to cover the spine so it hides the hole left by the pop up bit – but also to line that so it isn`t just blank inside – hopefully thr 3rd photo shows what I mean

  4. Wonderful card Suzanne and welcome to blogland from me too.
    You now have no excuses for not going my challenges lol
    Love Cynthia x

  5. I know what you meant – Time is the only reason – I still have 4 tuitorials to write up but the blog is keeping me busy
    Thanks for your kind words and welcome


  6. Hi Suzanne…have only just seen this card and it’s an absolute stunner!!
    I’m so pleased you’ve started a blog as now I can see much more of yout beatiful work.
    Sheila xx

  7. Thanks Sheila – I still kick myself I didn`t read the rules properly first time – but then i wouldn`t have made this if not
    Take care

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