A card using Glenda`s Summer Peacock CD & Glimmer mists

Well – saw the competition for Glenda`s new Christmas stamps and thought why not entered – haven`t entered a competition before and I have all my nice pick of the week goodies here – so it`s been a busy time trying to set up a Blog – as i`m not good with computers but with the help of Andy i`ve got there

Silly me in all my excitement didn`t read it properly and the card is a Christmas theme !!! – so guess who will be having another go later – on the up at least I have this card ready for a good friends Birthday

I hope this works as I have had fun learning this morning 


The card pops up when opened to give a wow of the peacock fan – ideally I would have used the Peacock stamp – but that`s next on my to buy list

I have added this photo of whats behind the the fan as a few have asked me – a simple cut out and then insert some paper to cover the blank space behind – then made a bind on the cover to cover it from the outside


21 thoughts on “A card using Glenda`s Summer Peacock CD & Glimmer mists

  1. Thanks Helen – and thanks to Andy too
    I`m not sure what I have let myself into – but i`m learning – so should be fun
    Take care

  2. Many thanks Carol
    Yes it`s fun – I just ran out of Yuku space on the forum so it`s great to be able to post proto`s too

  3. Thank you Lynn – wow just been looking at your blog – I hope you don`t mind but will be adding to my links
    Take care

  4. Thank you so much Glenda – i`m re doing the card with a Christmas theme this time as i`m so embarressed – was just a bit eager
    Still I have 2 cards here now

  5. Love the card Suzanne and what beautiful colours. Look forward to seeing the Christmas card entry. You seem to be doing very well with the blogging. I too am very new to it and have nowhere near got the hang of it yet, but I’m going to keep at it. Lesley XX

  6. Thanks Lesley – I have re done the card – it`s futher up the page
    Thanks re the Blogging – i`m having fun learning about different things – it wasn`t as hard as I thought although I did have some great help when I got stuck

  7. Lucky friend Suzanne because that is one stunning card!!!!! So pleased you have started a blog. I am sure you will have a good following, will add a link on my blog 🙂 Denise x (Suzy03 JS Forum)

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